Loco London Salsa is a Cuban Dance school in London. We run a variety of Cuban Salsa Courses for all levels from beginners to advanced. However, we not only do salsa classes we also run Reggaeton, Afro-Cuban and Bachata Classes for beginner, improviser, intermediate and advanced students in London too.

Cuban Salsa Classes

If you want to  take some Cuban salsa classes in London from the very beginning or you are a more advanced dancer, we have different levels to suit your knowledge.

Reggaeton & Body Isolation

Reggaeton is basically Cuban Hip-Hop but with a bit different beat and rhythm. The main focus on this class is Body Isolation and Body Movement which is the basic for any dance.

Contratiempo & Son Cubano
Contratiempo: Son Cubano

Dancing Contratiempo is a big part of Cuban Culture. If you want to go back to the Cuban roots, then son, Changui and Cha Cha Cha is what you are looking for. Expect plenty of footwork, musicality and partner-work. 

Afro-Cuban Orichas

Afro-Cuban Orishas, is a dance of different Cuban gods and godesses (Santos). These Afro Cuban classes will give you an understanding of the Cuban culture.

 Cuban Rumba 
Cuban Rumba

Rumba Developed in rural Cuba, and is still danced in Havana, Mantanzas and other Cuban cities. In our rumba courses you will learn about music, steps, timing, as well as improve your body movement and style.

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Events & Workshops

Besides Cuban Salsa, Rumba and Orishas we also teach Yuka, Makuta, Palo, Pilon, etc. We sometimes incorporate these into our weekly salsa courses, and sometimes we hold special Cuban and salsa courses and workshops.


We believe that salsa is so much more than just a dance! Salsa is a great way to stay fit, meet new people, make friends, challenge yourself and discover passion you did not know you had! Work on you balance, coordination, fitness levels and fluidity of movement - all while having fun! Salsa Classes can give you the confidence you need, as well as help you break the routine and escape the hectic lifestyle of today. Salsa dancing is an extremely popular and effective way to relive stress and improve emotional well-being. Our students often tell us how their lives have positively changed since discovered Salsa!

Aside from the physical exercise, salsa is great way to develop new social relationships. In Cuban, Salsa dancing is a massive part of the culture and its social life. Through Salsa Dancing people find their self-expression, develop their creativity and embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery through partner dancing.

Salsa friends of World

Okey folks now listen. We do not just do salsa classes in London, we also organise the biggest Cuban Salsa Festival Holiday in Europe Called "I am Cuban All Star". It is a project started in 2014 and since that every year we gather around 500 Crazy Cuban salsa Dancers from all over the world and put them together. And yes Every year we organize this in different location.

If you took enough salsa classes in London with Loco london salsa use s your own imagination and than you know: Its swimming pool parties, Workshops with the best Cuban artist, and to top it up, each year we invite one of the top Cuban band to attend to our festival. Well stop talking , Start dancing by taking cuban salsa classes London with Loco London Salsa Now! And if you are short if imagination check our video just on your right. Also remember on this events it is very much common to apply afro cuban orishas, rumba columbia, rumba guaguanco, reggeaton, pilon, son, suelta and much more different Cuban style dances so I quickly want to remind you all the courses we do:

Salsa classes London, Reggeaton Classes in London, Rumba Columbia classes in London, Son Cubano Classes in London, Rueda Classes London, Afro Cuban Orishas in London and much more. We'll see you very soon in one of our classes and maybe one day on our festival. Loco London Salsa is the  Crazy International Cuban Salsa Community in London. 


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