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Hello all,

We run 6 week courses, the timetable is only to summarise the structure. Below the table you can see and register for our next courses, if there is nothing to show it means the courses are ongoing, check back in a week and it will be updated.



Combo Prices

We appreciate your enthusiasm therefore see below our combo prices to see how you can dance more with us! ūüôā

Standard Combo prices for 6-week courses
Salsa Course + Extra £80
Salsa Course +2 Extra £110
Salsa Course +3 Extra £130
Salsa Course +4 Extra £140
Salsa Course +5 Extra £150
1 Extra £45
2 Extra Combo £70
3 Extra Combo £85
4 Extra Combo £95
5 Extra Combo £105
Salsa Trial Class (first class of course only) 10
Extra Trial Class (first class of course only) 8

Please bear in mind we don't offer drop-in classes. You will have to commit to the whole course, and full fee applies even if you miss classes. Extra courses are our 1-hour courses, such as Reggaeton, Son Cubano, Salsa con Afro, Rumba Guaguanco ,Rumba Columbia, etc.

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Little Bit About Us

We are a constantly growing Loco team in London and against the traditions we provide a bit of different teaching than most of other places you can find in London. To be honest, to find good quality salsa classes in London is hard. Based on our previous experience we know that the most efficient way to learn salsa in London or anywhere on the world if you do a course where each classes are built on the previous sessions. Constant development will make past moves and patterns become easy. So if you want to have some Cuban salsa classes in London and have fun at the same time Loco-London-Salsa team is here for you. Experienced prepared fun teachers. Detailed beginners/intermediate programs - we prepare for each salsa, reggaeton, afro, timba etc. class, and we have a beginners / intermediate / advance program that we follow to make sure you get the most. Progressive program -each class is built on previous classes. ( it works exactly the same way as learning a new language for example Spanish, all classes are built on the previously covered material, so if you skip a class you will have a gap in basics) Dancing is fun, quality active entertainment. Keeps you mind and body fit but there are many health benefits also. Cuban salsa societies can be found all around the world, in many big and small cities. They are fun, loco people and  who are easy to socialise with.